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From the US to the UK for sinus surgery

Godfrey Davies, ENT surgery patient in the UK

 “'I can't afford surgery in the U.S.,' says bargain shopper”. This was the headline on CNN News when Godfrey Davies needed surgery to remove polyps blocking his nasal airways, and the self-described bargain shopper went to the UK to find an affordable sinus surgeon  

Godfrey, who is semi-retired from his real estate business and has no health insurance, obtained cost estimates from two US surgeons. But when hospital and surgeon costs , anesthesia and incidental fees were added up, the cheapest price Godfrey could find in Indianapolis, Indiana, was $33,127.

Frustrated that his bargain shopping saved him so little, Davies called on family in the United Kingdom for help. They found him a private hospital in Wales. Godfrey went to the BMI Werndale Hospital in Bancyfelin, Carmarthenshire. It is part of BMI Healthcare, Britain's leading provider of independent healthcare with nearly seventy hospitals and clinics nationwide. This UK private hospital was able to perform the sinus surgery that Godfrey needed for only $2,930.

The UK private hospital system already provides treatment for patients from all over the world who travel to the UK to access healthcare quality and expertise. And...... as Godfrey Davies demonstrated, an American patient can save a great deal of money over US prices.